The 12th Pan-pacific Continence Society (PPCS) Annual Meeting


Location: Seoul, Korea
Dates:  August 31- September 1, 2017


Submission deadline: April/30/2017

Call for paper:

Only MS-Word is accepted for submission

Use Times New Roman font of 12pts

The limit in the abstract is 1000 words

The abstract should include: title, authors, institution, introduction, aims of study, materials and methods, results and conclusion

Please underline the name of the presenter

Abstract Submission: Secretary of Taiwan Continence Society

台灣福爾摩莎婦女泌尿醫學會 祝您~端午節快樂!!台灣福爾摩莎婦女泌尿醫學會 祝天下的母親~母親節快樂!!台灣福爾摩莎婦女泌尿醫學會2022婦科與婦女泌尿微創手術新境界~ 報名開始!!2022 新年快樂!!台灣福爾摩莎婦女泌尿醫學會 2021第二次秋季線上研討會台灣福爾摩莎婦女泌尿醫學會2021秋季線上研討會2021婦女泌尿住院醫師繼續教育Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Therapy (GMIT)